Portrait Download:


1) Due to limited website storage space your online proofing gallery will expire in 1 week from the time it is made available to you for download. There is a $20 charge to re-open an expired gallery. If you have any difficulty downloading your portraits please do not hesitate to let me know.


2) From your computer, access your online proofing gallery via the link previously provided to you.


3) Click on the first portrait to make it full size, then right click on the portrait and select Download >> All Available Originals. If you own a Mac computer hold the control button then left click instead of right clicking.


4) You will be prompted to enter your email address. Click on Download then click on OK.




5) Wait for an automated email from Bonjour Baby Photography that contains a link to a .zip file to download your images.


6) Navigate to the location where you saved your zip file. Double click on your zip file to access your portraits.



7) You will find a set of watermarked images and a set of non-watermarked images. If you compare a watermarked image to a non-watermarked one you will notice that they look different in terms of sharpness. That is completely normal. The watermarked images have been formatted according to Facebook’s specifications for best viewing quality on social media. The non-watermarked images are full resolution and have been sharpened for printing purposes. When posting to Facebook please use the portraits that are watermarked with my logo. When printing please use the portraits that are not watermarked with my logo.


8) By now you should have received a print release form via email. If you would like a mailed copy please let me know.


9) Enjoy your portraits!