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Lily & Willow, 14 days new - Colchester, VT

January 25, 2015

Oh my sweetness! These two beautiful twin girls melted my heart! They just loved snuggling close to each other. I feel so honored that I had the chance to photograph them as newborns. Like they say sometimes miracles come in pairs.

Grayson, 9 days new - Proctor, VT

January 25, 2015

Grayson was such a tiny peanut! He wasn't a fan of sleeping when he first got here, but eventually he fell asleep and decided that newborn photography wasn't so bad after all. I enjoyed working with him!

Owen, 13 days new - Plattsburgh, NY

January 12, 2015

Owen was such a dream baby! He came all the way from Plattsburgh, New York for his newborn session and slept like a charm. I was worried the drive would be long for his parents, but with the ferry it was a breeze! What a mellow baby boy, I loved photographing him.

Maddox, 9 days new - South Burlington, VT

December 21, 2014

Oh Maddox was such a perfect newborn for me! He arrived asleep and stayed that way for most of his session. I just adore his round cheeks and squishy face!

Violet, 21 days new - South Burlington, VT

December 10, 2014

In the world of newborn photography, Violet would be considered a little bit old for a newborn session. She was alert for a long time, but at the end guess who won? This beautiful Christmas picture shows how much of a wonderful gift she is to her parents. What a beautiful baby girl!