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Lillian, 17 days new - Essex Junction, VT

September 20, 2014

What a dream Lillian was! She slept so well through her session, barely moving a muscle and just letting me pose her as I wished. She truly was a little slice of heaven! I'm so glad her parents found me and choose me to capture her as a newborn. She's in good hands as they are both so sweet and deeply in love with her.

Ellery - 6 months old, Middletown Springs, VT

September 01, 2014

Ellery changed so much in 6 months! She has the sweetest face and the personality to go along with it. I loved how she just sat there calm and pretty to let me capture her. I look forward to her 1 year session!

Olivia, 15 days new - Essex Junction, Vermont

August 28, 2014

Pure perfection! Such a gorgeous and laid back baby girl. She pretty much slept through her entire session. Olivia also happens to have the best behaved 3 year old sister I've ever met!

Lydia, 1 year old - Windsor, Vermont

August 28, 2014

Well looks who's one already! I was so lucky to be able to work with Lydia through her first year. Between me and her mommy who is also a photographer she is probably the most photographed baby in Vermont. I love her lovely smile, she's a cutie!

Oliver, 18 days new - Colchester, VT

August 28, 2014

Oh Oliver, you made me work hard but I still love you just as much. What a handsome little guy! I had a great time meeting his parents and working together to get him to sleep. Oliver decided he probably won't make modeling a career choice, but whenever he gave in for just a few minutes I was able to capture all of his adorableness.